Kasia’s Attitude belt is a great solution to Ballroom Dancers biggest dilemma: How to create a great posture and most importantly how to maintain that great posture from the first note of music  to the last!

As soon as you put on the Attitude Belt on you will instantly feel where your body should be in order to have great posture and alignment . Wearing the belt you will: 

  • FEEL tall and elegant.
  • ACHIEVE perfect alignment of the lower spine and pelvis while maintaining an uplifted ribcage
  • REMAIN more connected to your core
  • MOVE more effectively by better usage of the legs and body
  • LOOK and feel more competitive and strong
  • BE genuinely more confident

KASIA’S ATTITUDE BELT brings great awareness to the body. It is comfortable to wear when your spine is correctly aligned , however it becomes uncomfortable if you slip out of correct posture – so you can easily feel when you aren’t in a good position and make the correction on the spot ! 

Kasia also recommend wearing the ATTITUDE BELT when travelling on long flights as it helps your spine stay aligned  so that you don’t arrive feeling cramped and uncomfortable!


Kasia’s extensive professional competitive experience makes her uniquely suited to work with professional competitors of all levels. Combining her strong technical background, along with her degree in psychology, Kasia knows what it takes to perform at high levels of competition. Therefore, professionals working with Kasia can look forward to improving their competition in both physical and mental results through her extraordinary talents and insights.

Kasia has a strong belief in the importance of Pro Am dancing and understands the unique challenges that female Pro Am competitors face when dancing with their Professional partners/teachers. With this in mind, Kasia’s High Heel Boot Camps combine the technical aspects of dancing with partnership skills and includes a focus on the mental approach to dancing and competing. The knowledge and understanding of body awareness gained during on of Kasia’s High Heel Boot Camps create a sense of empowerment for the participants that lasts well into the future.

Kasia is also a co- founder of Move like a Champion training, book and DVD. This particular training teaches principles of dynamic alignment and functional movement through exercises and experimental anatomy. It is a comprehensive set of exercises that increases awareness of all areas of the body and can be applied to a wide range of dance styles and skill levels.